2016 Annual Report

Michigan’s Children Annual Report 2016: Bettering the Odds for Children and Families

In 2016, Michigan’s Children remained a leader in policy advocacy because of our ability to influence public policy by garnering support from policymakers, building public will on critical issues, and activating constituents to influence their elected officials. Our staff’s unique expertise in improving policies through data, information and analysis on the issues; strategic communications; mobilization and engagement of partners and networks; and working directly with policymakers is detailed below.

Letter from Matt Gillard,
President & CEO

Despite challenges in a changing political world, we continue to create significant achievements for children, youth and families, ensuring our strong standing as a leader and resource among other child and family advocacy organizations, policymakers, service providers, public officials and the media in Lansing and across Michigan.

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Leading Voices
for Policy Improvements

We led the advocacy charge on several key policy priorities in 2016 while working collaboratively with local, state and national partners. Progress was made on the first state appropriation for Early On, supporting quality child care in all settings, pursuing two-generation policy strategies, and working to improve the lives of the most vulnerable young people, among others.

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Raising Voices for Advocacy

In 2016, we encouraged more people to get engaged in policy advocacy by successfully educating them about policy opportunities and challenges, supporting them to become more effective advocates, and providing opportunities for those who know the most about programs and services that help – children, youth and families and the program providers that serve them – to talk directly with policymakers.

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Our Voice Matters

Better policies are created and supported when decision-makers hear from the people directly impacted by them. Our priorities are always guided by real families’ experiences. Their stories help us understand the impact of public policies and build the best strategies for progress.

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Financial Support

As an independent nonprofit, we continued to attract foundation and corporate dollars from reputable organizations and in 2016 returned to hosting a major annual fundraiser with the promise of creating an increased funding stream from individual donations as well.

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In the News

We made headlines across the state and nation in 2016, appearing in print, in online publications, television and radio regularly each month. In a diminished media world, that’s significant exposure for a lean public policy group raising public attention on issues like the needs of families in Flint, jeopardized child care funding, and the needs of young people in foster care.

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