Support Michigan’s Children on ‘Giving Tuesday’

Creating Brighter Futures for Kids and Families

At Michigan’s Children, we are committed to creating public policy in the best interest of children and families across our great state. Our 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign is an opportunity for you to be a part of creating meaningful policy change to shape a brighter future.

Your support makes a difference: Please consider making a donation today to help us continue our advocacy and achieve ambitious goals for Michigan’s children and families. By doing so, you’re making an investment in improved outcomes for all children and families of this state. Thank you.

Matt Gillard, President & CEO, Michigan’s Children

Our Recent Policy Wins:

Michigan’s Children has been in the forefront of advocacy work for the most vulnerable state residents, in policy areas such as; afterschool programming, adult education, homeless and runaway youth, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), and mental health of our youth.

  • Unprecedented Funding Increases: As a member of several coalitions, we were able to secure the largest-ever state funding increases for afterschool program access ($50 million), adult education ($10 million), and homeless youth and runaway services ($5 million).
  • Expanding EITC: As a part of Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition, we successfully advocated for an increase in Michigan’s EITC, providing an average of $1,000 in income support for working parents of two children.
  • Investing in Our Youth: We helped to secure additional meaningful funding increases for school-based supports for at-risk students ($200 million), Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services ($3 million), and Early On early intervention services ($1 million).

Advocating for Child Care:

  • Early Childhood Educator Tax Credit: We’re advocating for a refundable Early Childhood Educator Tax Credit of $7,000-9,000 to attract and retain dedicated professionals in the early childhood sector.
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: We’re working to expand the program statewide to provide support for families and providers as Michigan expands child care and preschool access.
  • Early On: We’re advocating for a significant increase in investment in Michigan’s early intervention system to better serve children and families across the state.

We’re dedicated to increasing public investment in child care to better support providers and working families. This includes restoring child care subsidy rates to their previous level, as many providers are struggling or even closing their doors.

Goals for the Year Ahead:

Building a Brighter Future for Michigan’s Children: We are working to make Michigan a leader in family-friendly policies. Among the improvements we seek in the new year:

  • Establishing a top tier paid family and medical leave system for Michigan.
  • Creating a statewide education advocate system for foster youth.
  • Increasing support for kinship caregivers.
  • Securing more funding for community schools, child abuse prevention, and homeless youth services.
  • Expanding efforts to host youth- and family-led candidate forums in communities across the state to insure future and returning elected officeholders are influenced by the people they serve. (Last year, Michigan’s Children led 11 candidate forums statewide.)

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