Act Now: Contact your Lawmakers and Urge them to Support Early On

(May 23, 2023). Michigan’s early intervention program for children 0-3 with developmental delays and disabilities, Early On, has experienced a 17 percent increase in referrals, illustrating the tremendous negative impact that the pandemic had on our youngest children, and the need for us to double down on support for our youngest children. Contact your state Senator and House member and urge them to invest in Early On so that our children can receive the support they need to thrive.

Early On does not have adequate funding to provide the frequency of services that children need. During this year’s budget negotiations, the Governor, House, and Senate have the opportunity to increase funding for Early On by $7.1 million, bringing total funding to $28.2 million, one step closer to fully funding this early intervention program. (Fully funding Early On would require $73 million in state funds.)

Before the FY2024 budget is finalized, call your state Senator and Representative now and let them know that we need to invest in Early On! Use this script to reach out. To find your state representative, enter your address here: Find your senator’s contact information here:

Act Now: Ask Your Lawmakers to Introduce and Support an Early Childhood Educator Tax Credit

(May 23, 2023) Right now the best chance that Michigan has to increase compensation for the child care workforce is Governor Whitmer’s proposed early childhood educator tax credit. The state House, Senate, and Governor are currently negotiating the state budget, and neither the Senate nor the House has introduced legislation to make the Governor’s tax credit proposal a reality.

The proposed refundable tax credit would allow child care, afterschool, and preschool teachers to keep more of their hard-earned wages, reduce teacher turnover in early childhood settings, encourage early educators to pursue educational credentials, and incentivize more Michiganders to pursue a career in ECE.

Call your state Senator and Representative and let them know that we need the early childhood educator tax credit now! Use this script and email template to reach out. To find your state representative, enter your address here: Find your senator’s contact information here:

Act Now: Support A Historic Increase to the Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit

(May 20, 2022) Michigan’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) today is one of the lowest of the 31 states that have enacted state EITCs. Enacted in 2006, providing an extra 20% to Michigan taxpayers on top of what they received from the federal EITC, it was reduced to 6 percent in 2011. With a historic surplus of state revenues and rising inflation hurting working families, expanding Michigan’s EITC would help nearly 750,000 hard-working Michigan families and nearly one million Michigan children. The time is now to act to support Michigan’s hardworking families.

Join us in supporting expanding Michigan’s EITC to at least 30 percent of the federal EITC in order to help working families with low income and children. Use this Action Alert to inform your lawmakers. Learn more in this coalition fact sheet.