Contact Policymakers

Learn about Your Elected Officials, and Check out Our Advocate’s Guide to Key Legislative Committees Impacting Children, Youth and Families

Members on committees can start or stop conversations about policy and budgeting on children, youth and family issues. Getting to know these members and their views on issues that matter to you and your community can help advance your advocacy goals. Michigan’s Children has compiled committee overviews that provide information about committee members including their districts, relevant background information, and how to contact them. They also provide contact information for the committee clerks who can answer many technical budget and policy questions.

Learn about the state legislators who sit on key policy and appropriations committees that impact children, youth and families (listed below), and sign up to receive notices and updates from any committee here.

Legislative Resources:

Visit the League of Women Voters website to learn who your elected officials are.

Visit the 2021-2022 Michigan House Directory to Find How to Contact Your Representative.

Visit the 2021-2022 Michigan Senate Directory to Find How to Contact Your Senator.

Most Legislators hold meetings in their districts that give constituents the opportunity to meet with them informally. These are commonly referred to as their “coffee hours.” Take advantage of these opportunities for yourself and for the people you serve. They are local, and they are underutilized. Thank you to our friends at the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association, who take the time to maintain an updated list of these opportunities by legislator that you can click here. You can keep up-to-date directly by subscribing to your legislators’ newsletters on their web sites.