How We Work

Michigan’s Children is the only statewide independent voice working to ensure that public policies are made in the best interest of children from cradle to career.  We focus on influencing public policies that can reduce disparities in child outcomes such as the academic achievement gap – disparities that are caused by economic hardships coupled with structural barriers by race or ethnicity. Our goals are to catalyze support from elected and appointed public officials to prioritize the needs of children, youth and families with the most challenges in their lives – children of color, children from low-income families, and children served by the foster and juvenile justice systems – and to ensure that their decision-making reflects that; and to build public will and influence public action.
To reach our goals, we utilize the following strategies.
  • ​We provide solid data, information, and policy analyses on current issues affecting children from cradle to career.  Michigan’s Children provides various resources including Budget Basics, Focus on Michigan Communities, and Issues for Michigan’s Children for its network to learn about what data and research tells us about best practices for serving children, youth and families facing significant challenges; and how current policy and budget decisions being debated will impact Michigan children.
  • We work with national partners like the American Youth Policy Forum, First FocusNational Women’s Law Center, National Youth Employment Coalition, Prevent Child Abuse America, ZERO TO THREE, and others to stay informed on policy conversations taking place in Washington, D.C..  When targeted federal advocacy opportunities arise, we strategically connect our Michigan network to our Congressional delegation representing us on Capitol Hill.
  • We utilize strategic communications to educate policymakers and constituents on the issues. Visit our Opportunities pages to learn more about the current issues that our elected and appointed officials are focused on in Lansing and Washington, D.C. as they relate to improving school readiness, ensuring safety at home, and improving college and career readiness.
  • We mobilize constituents to influence policymakers’ decision-making on issues that will affect children.  Join our Action Networks and follow-us on Facebook to receive timely updates on how you can influence public policies on behalf of Michigan children.
  • We work directly with policymakers to ensure that public policies are made in the best interest of children.  It’s all of our duty to ensure that our elected officials support public policies that support our families and communities.  Not sure the best way to persuade your elected officials?  Learn how you can Become a More Effective Advocate.
Watch this 5 minute video from our partners about the impact of our work. See our strategic framework to better understand how Michigan’s Children works to strengthen public policies in the best interest of children.