Quality Care

Learn more about how the barriers that friends, family, and neighbors face trying to provide high quality, affordable child care for families.

What could I ask candidates about this?

  • Child care is essential for adults to be able to work. How would you ensure that high quality child care is accessible to more working families?
  • Our child care system does not work for hundreds of families who are already eligible, including foster parents and parents who work the third shift. How will you make sure there’s a high quality child care option for families in every situation?
  • As a parent who relies on the child care subsidy, I struggle to pay for child care. What will you do about this if elected into office?
  • As a child care provider, `I cannot accept many subsidized kids into my care without going bankrupt. What will you do to ensure child care businesses like my own can stay in business while helping more of Michigan’s lowest income families?
  • It’s hard to make ends meet as a child care professional. What would you do to support the early childhood profession to ensure we keep our child care talent in-state?