Many of the issues that matter most to our state’s children, youth and families have seen action, opinions, stories and more from advocates over the years. While we have been proud to work collaboratively with you on these pressing issues and policy initiatives, we know it’s equally important for all of us to continue to be educated on these issues, in order to best advocate for the communities we serve and move candidates toward better representing constituents, post election.

The impacts of a pandemic on our youth and service providers

Maintaining successful connections with our children, youth, and families with special needs is tough, especially during a pandemic. Human service providers and educators are struggling to maintain services and engagement at this time, and are learning lessons for engagement beyond the current crisis.

In two of our latest Spotlights, we highlight the efforts of a special education teacher who is serving younger children and families and the collaborative efforts between a local nonprofit and Michigan Rehabilitation Services in their continued work directly with high school students to assist with their transitions. Read both stories here.

Additionally, during the closure of many public places due to Covid-19, Michigan’s Children surveyed our network, seeking input on the biggest challenges facing youth, families and service providers, as well as tracking how relief resources were distributed to our most vulnerable Michigan residents. Review the insight we collected here, and we encourage you to have deeper conversations with candidates on how we can close the gaps further exposed by the pandemic.

Winning Plays for 2020 Elections

You’ve probably seen this before, but we encourage you to check out our Michigan’s Children Policy Playbook, which can be used as a helpful guide on what issues to highlight in your electoral advocacy engagement. Our playbook contains many of the policy endeavors and equity gaps we seek to close, that are categorized by 4 overall topic areas – Strong Families, Ready Learners, Thriving Students and Successful Transitions.

Additionally, Michigan’s Children has continued to provide issues pieces, budget basics and other resources highlighted in archived bulletins that are available on our website to help you navigate the issues and their “talking points” as you engage with candidates.

Just remember, candidates are eager to hear from you and the youth or families that you work with. They enjoy hearing your personal stories and how that might connect with the issues and policy asks we look forward to working with them on as elected officials.

Michigan’s Children Leaders Highlight Election Issues in the Press

This week both Matt Gillard and Michele Corey partnered with community leaders to spotlighting key issues advocates that take center stage with this year’s election cycle.

Matt Gillard and Michele Strasz of the Capital Area College Access Network in Lansing co-wrote an editorial that was published by the Lansing State Journal about casting our votes with education equity in mind. You can read it here.

Michele Corey and Angela Parth, Executive Director of the Livingston Family Center, wrote a commentary that was published by the Livingston Daily, shining a light on the issue of homelessness in Livingston County and across the state. Read the editorial here.