Bringing Community Voices to Decision Makers for Covid-19 Advocacy and Outreach

Concerned over the growing needs of the state’s children, youth and families as the COVID-19 crisis worsen, Michigan’s Children is reaching out to dozens of networks representing thousands of direct service providers and families to make sure that the voices of those most impacted by this crisis can to better inform and affect Congressional and State relief efforts.

We are working with many of you and other partners – networks that represent thousands of service providers serving thousands of Michigan youth and families hardest hit by the current situation –  combing efforts to gather and present critical information about what is going on on the ground around the state, for service providers themselves and those that they serve, to build the most up-to-date and to inform decision-makers in Congress and the state Legislature as well as Michigan’s philanthropic organizations.

Our network outreach includes partners representing vulnerable groups in education, child care and afterschool programs, adult alternative education programs, home visiting, early intervention, mental health, health care, child abuse and neglect prevention and intervention, foster care, and the juvenile justice system. Staff are using the information collected as we communicate daily with the state’s Congressional delegation as members consider action on another coronavirus relief package. We will continue using information collected to inform state legislative decisions needed, as well as recommendations to philanthropy for their own investment needs.

The time is RIGHT NOW as decisions are being made daily. We hope that families, youth and those who serve them well in our communities will complete our survey here.