Fostering Success Ambassadors Weigh In on US Senate Race

One of our partners, the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH), asked us to help develop some questions for the candidates for U.S. Senate around the impacts of housing insecurity and homelessness on youth. Of course, we had our own thoughts about questions, but fortunately, we work with amazing young people and their supporters through Fostering Success Michigan (FSM) who rose to the occasion and offered the questions that were top of their minds during this election season. Here are the questions submitted to both major candidates, with #2 and #4 coming from FSM Ambassadors Arielle Duncan and Justin Black.

Senator and Candidate Gary Peters answered those questions, and you can view the video highlighting the questions and his answers here.

We need to see how Candidate John James would answer these important questions as well, and everyone can help. His campaign has been given the questions and asked for a response, but we hope that when reminded by other constituents that these questions are important to answer, he will respond. You can contact his campaign to encourage him to answer here.