On March 4, 2020, Homeless and Runaway Youth Advocates met with lawmakers and various department leaders in Lansing, sharing their experiences and how best to present solutions that both prevent homelessness and provides support for vulnerable youth populations in Michigan.

Additionally, thank you to the Lansing State Journal for amplifying the voices of youth and advocates, who are a vital part of our network. Here you will find each of the Viewpoints from Raquell Rivera and Isabel Rodriquez, including Michele Corey, VP for Programs at Michigan’s Children.

Michigan has the country’s sixth-highest student homeless rate, including over 13,000 homeless youth, but the rate of homeless youth or youth at risk of homelessness being served in Michigan is declining due to rising costs and stagnant resources. Despite a persistent need to rebuild access to supports, Michigan has invested just $500,000 in new funding for runaway and homeless youth services since 2001. Our state must get serious about funding support for youth who are runaway or homeless, as well as for youth and families who are at risk of homelessness, so we can build stronger families and ensure successful youth transitions into adulthood.

We are excited to join the Michigan Network of Youth and Families on March 4th to share this message with key policymakers.

See our Budget Basics brief on the issue, and on March 4th, call your state legislators, and urge them to support increased investment into serving runaway and homeless youth.