Citizens Review Michigan Efforts Preventing Abuse and Neglect

Michigan’s Children is working with the Children’s Trust Fund to create opportunities around the state for parents, youth, service providers and other community leaders to share their experiences, barriers, successes, and recommendations for better-stabilizing families impacted by substance use disorders, particularly as they tie to child abuse and neglect. Despite the evidence, common sense and local prioritization this connection, the vast majority of the conversation about opioids and other addictions has been focused on needed changes in the medical profession, for law enforcement and the prevention of deaths. The Citizen Review Panel on Prevention (CRPP) process over the next six months will add to that conversation the reality of children, youth and families in this state, how communities are facing the issue and building needed supports for families; and where they are facing barriers and challenges to doing that through events around the state, as well as an on-line option for participation. As federally mandated review efforts, these panels will result in a report with recommendations to the Governor’s Office, multiple state departments, our Legislators and members of Congress.

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