1. Policy Playbook

Policy Playbook

PLAYBOOK for Michigan’s Children

2019-2020 Legislative Priorities

2019 is an exciting year for Michigan’s future, as we work with a new crop of legislators, new faces in Congress, changes to the State Board of Education and a new Superintendent, and a new Governor. Children, youth and families don’t have highly paid lobbyists or superPACs looking out for their best interests in Lansing or in Washington, DC, but they do have all of us.
Michigan’s Children continues to prioritize policies driven by research and best practice. Our policy priorities are always guided by the experiences and recommendations of children, youth and families and the programs that serve them well, helping to close equity gaps and improve the odds for Michigan’s future. This playbook was informed by youth – and family-led candidate forums in 11 communities around the state, as well as FamilySpeaks, KidsSpeaks, and other training and outreach opportunities representing dozens more.
To inform your evaluation of the 2020 Presidential candidates as you learn about their positions, read our “Watch Party” questionnaire drawn from our Michigan’s Children Policy Playbook.
To know whether our policy priorities are meeting our mission, we evaluate how they stack up against our core policy principles. To learn about how we are fighting for children, youth and families this legislative session, click on the boxes. To view our entire Playbook click here.