1. 2021 Lunch & Learn

2021 Lunch & Learn

Reminder: Please join us for our January 2021 Lunch and Learn!

A monthly networking opportunity to strengthen voices in policy decision-making on behalf of children, youth, and families of Michigan

Wednesday, January 20, 2021
* 9:00 am – 10 am
(* Time change; this month only)

Join us as we discuss:
“How to Talk to Policymakers:
Effective Tips for Messaging Your Issue”

With the start of the 2020-2022 Legislative session, we continue our discussion on how to develop a winning advocacy strategy to benefit the children and families of Michigan that you serve. Michigan’s Children’s President & CEO Matt Gillard will discuss how to best position your concerns before lawmakers, with insights into building and implementing your advocacy plan, framing your message, and more. You’ll also hear from a panel of advocates who will share the challenges and hard-earned successes they’ve had in working to win legislative champions.

Join us as we bring together panelists:

Patrick Brown, Director, Michigan Association of Community and Adult Education;
Sarah Plachta Elliott, Executive Director, Youth Development Resource Center – Detroit;
Deb Frisbie, Co-Lead of the Policy and Advocacy Group, Kinship Care Coalition of Michigan;
Erica Willard, Executive Director, Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children.

This session is designed to bolster the advocacy plans of both novice and expert advocates for children, youth, and families. All this plus timely new resources assembled for you by Michigan’s staff!

Register: https://forms.gle/Nnyj6u4fnwwvScbx9


* This event is open to advocates working on behalf of children, youth, and families. Please share.

Lunch & Learn: December Rewind and January Fastforward

December 16, 2020 – Thanks to so many of you for attending our inaugural December 2020 Lunch and Learn event held on Wednesday, December 16: “Getting to Know the 2021 Michigan Legislature: Building Great Relationships with Incoming (and Returning) Lawmakers”.

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  1. The lunch and learn slides. and recording.
  2. Information about new Michigan House members.
  3. Step by step guide on how to learn more about your respective policymaker.

Looking Ahead:
Please join us for our next Brunch and Learn event scheduled for Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 9:00 am: “A How-To Conversation: Talking to Policymakers and Messaging Your Issues”. Registration will be open soon. (Please note the time change to 9:00 am for this event).